New Town

A few months after we got married, we sold our house and moved closer to Luke’s new job. Marriage, blending our families, a new job and moving? Yes, kind of crazy!  Every one has been transitioning to our new home, neighborhood, schools and ward. The boys love our home and seem to be very happy here.


This week Luke headed to Tennessee for work with their corporate office and Will has been with his mom. They have definitely been missed!

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Ethan, Gideon and I decided to take a visit back home. We got to visit with my parents and the boys loved every minute. My mom is a recent cancer survivor. However, this past week they found another lump. It was very disappointing and stressful. They cut it out and sent it to the lab to be biopsied. We went home for a visit on the day she was supposed to hear back. We received GOOD news – results came back negative for cancer. Sigh of relief. It was a good night spent with some of our family. I miss those mountains. T town is a beautiful place.

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I spent some time in Ethan’s classroom this week. I love being able to be there and check in on him during school. He likes his new school and teacher. He has been making new friends, even though he misses his other ones. I am so proud of him and how well he has handled all of the new changes in our lives. Today, Gideon and I joined Ethan for lunch. Gideon was excited and loved playing at recess with his brother.

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Gideon started at a new preschool. We miss his old preschool and teachers! They were the best. His new preschool has been fun for him. He was pretty excited that we were able to find a preschool after moving here past the registration deadline. However, he continues to remind me that we missed the fall registration for soccer. haha. No worries buddy, we will make sure you play in the spring.


I’ve been trying to adjust to the new area which has gone pretty smooth. I like living here and hope to get out more to meet some families in the neighborhood. Hopefully, we can have some play dates or I can meet new friends who also need adult interaction from time to time. haha. Sometimes it seems harder and more stressful as an adult trying to make new friends then it did as a child. haha. It definitely puts me a little bit out of my comfort zone but I know over time we will get to know people who live here. I’m thankful for our family and the love and happiness in our home! We feel so blessed.

Our Story

Luke and I have been married for 5 months. On April 8th, 2016 we blended our families together and were sealed as husband and wife in the Oquirrh Mountain Utah Temple .

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Luke and I both grew up in the same city in UT. (Sometimes just 1 mile from each other.) We attended the same Jr. High and had some of the same friends and a class together.

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My family moved to a different town when I was a freshman. After that we didn’t see each other again, except for when we went to a high school dance and were in the same group.

We reconnected many years later after we both endured some of life’s biggest challenges. We both experienced a lot of growth through our experiences which we believe led us together.

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Blending families together definitely has its challenges but relying on the Lord, serving one another, and trying to be patient have made the transition go smoother than one would imagine. We are so grateful that our boys have handled everything so well and love being together as a family with a loving mother, father and brothers. Life just couldn’t be any better.